In our latest question on the Video Game Forum Question of the Week, we asked what crossovers would you like to see. With so many mainstay video game franchises, who doesn’t want to see their favorite characters duke it out?

What if you had Samus Aran of Metroid have a guest appearance in Halo? Surely, the galaxies greatest bounty hunter would make a welcome addition to the line-up and it wouldn’t be the first time Halo was involved in a cross-over. Look at Dead or Alive 4 for the Spartan’s bit part in the game.

What surprised me is that this question  got almost NO reaction whatsoever. For me, there are so many great game ideas out there that could be accomplished if game developers took notice. Not only that, but so many people have already came up with some pretty amazing ideas, that it wouldn’t take much to cut them a royalty check and put the developers to work.

Below is a list of some games that I would love to play; my gaming wishlist. Some of them are my own ideas, others are ideas that can easily be found on the internet with a quick search. The majority of these games are crossovers, but one of them deserved a special on this list.

Battletoads and Double Dragon – REUNITED!


Its been years since we’ve seen Billy Lee and Jimmy Lee. It’s been equally as long since we’ve Rash, Zitz and Pimple. These two icon franchises offered up some of our greatest gaming memories of the 80s and 90s. They made it an even greater experience by putting these two franchises together.

What’s stopping a reunion of sorts for both of these storied franchises?

The only thing that would hamper this experience is if they tried to change the beat-em-up nature of the game. Battletoads and Double Dragon is not an RPG, it needs to be an all-out brawling battler where up to four players to jump in.

And for God’s sake, let us play as all three of the Battletoads in one game for once!

Abobo’s Big Adventure



Seriously thought, this game serves as a massive tribute to all things NES and despite the massive copyright infringements it portrays, its actually a pretty incredible game.

What’s stopping developers from realizing the potential of a character like Abobo and giving him his own game?

Other video game villains like Wario and the Turks from Final Fantasy VII rose to stardom by giving them their own game. Both of these proved to be a success.

I’m sure other villains like Star Wolf are waiting for their moment to shine, but Abobo has definitely been waiting the longest. Anyone who has played the game made by Team Bobo knows that this game rivals anything you can get off of the Wii Virtual Console, Playstation Network or XBox Live Arcade. By allowing this game to be developed, the amount of money it could generate for a company would be ludicrous. 

Marvel Vs. Capcom – The Game

We’ve all seen DC and Marvel’s greatest superheroes and villains duke it out with just about anybody under the sun. DC Universe took on Mortal Kombat’s greatest characters recently and Marvel has been picking a fight with Capcom for years.

What’s stopping these universes from battling each other?

 DC vs. Marvel

There’s already a precedent for it! The two comic icons got together to create DC vs. Marvel years back in comic book form. Now all we need is some plucky developer to see this idea, bring the two battlling heavyweight companies together, create some sort of tournament bracket and away you go!

Who doesn’t want to see Wolverine vs. Lobo? Superman vs. The Incredible Hulk? How about Captain America vs. Batman? All of this happened in the special series and all I want to do is play it! 

Super Smash Bros… The RPG!

Super Smash Bros Brawl

We’ve seen the kind of success the Super Smash Bros. franchise has created. We’ve also seen the excitement that was generated when Square Enix was brought in to help with Smash Bros. Brawl’s story mode.

What’s stopping  Nintendo from taking it one step further and creating a massive role playing game?

It would be difficult to create a story that properly showcases all of the characters in the Super Smash Bros universe, but one group of fans made it happen with their own dark project. There Will Be Brawl.


The storyline treats all of the characters present in Brawl as though they are all part of the same universe and gives Kirby, Ness and Lucas an absolutely monstrous take. But its absolutely awesome and could help Nintendo shed some of that “kids-only” reputation they’ve developed over the years.

Chrono Trigger – Crimson Echoes

This is one of the only games on this list that is not a crossover and there’s a reason for that.

Its a DAMN good idea.

Crimson Echoes is designed to be an interquel between Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross, serving as a direct sequel to Chrono Trigger. According to the developers, they had to destroy the project when they were nearing completion or face the wrath of Square-Enix’s legal team.

Whether that part is true or not, it makes you wonder… Why didn’t Square Enix just buy the rights to this incredibly made project, bring its developers on as consultants, make up some new updated sprites for all the characters and monsters and release the game? Most of the work for it is already done. All they would need to do is fine tune it and sell it for massive profit.

If you want an idea of how good this project was, check out the channel on YouTube. If you are a Chrono Trigger fan, you won’t be disappointed.


Super Mario Bros. Z

This is another great fanmade project, this time by Alvin Earthworm. The story is nowhere near completion, but from what has already been developed, it is absolutely amazing.

Take Super Mario, add equal parts Sonic the Hedgehog and splice it together with Dragon Ball Z fighting action and you’ve got Super Mario Bros. Z.

When you have an idea like this already, what’s stopping it from being fully flushed out into a fully-playable game.

Nintendo and Sega have already worked together to bring Sonic and Mario together for games in the past. While they were only based on the Olympics, the foundation is already there! With the wealth of characters both the Mario and Sonic Universe possess, Nintendo and Sega could create a great action-RPG that could rival Kingdom Hearts level of popularity!

Don’t believe me? Again, check-out the videos scattered on YouTube or Newgrounds. Or watch the video below proposing a fan-made second season. Tell me something like this wouldn’t get you excited.


Dead or Alive Extreme Beach Volleyball… Featuring Lara Croft

Take this…

Now add this…

The penultimate video game vixen joining the girls of Dead or Alive for a game of volleyball… Who DOESN’T want to see this happen?


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