Is Gaming Like Eating Candy?

You’ve waited many months and it is finally here! The game you have been watching has finally been released and , like usual, you will be one of the first to pick it up. You can not wait to invest countless hours into it, and you probably will, but like candy will it lose it’s savor? Will you inevitably place it on shelf and never look at it again? Games can only interest us to the point where it isn’t repetitive or boring. However different genres of games, like candy, may vary in the time it draws your attention and what it has to offer.


Adventure Games – Gummy Bears

Myst- Gummy-Bear

Quick and sweet

 Adventure games, due to there nature, do not offer much replayability. They can tell some of the best stories in games, but sadly that story is the same every time. Thus eliminating that awe and suspense when you pick it up again, and destroying the longevity of the game.

Sadly, the Adventure game genre has been losing its bearing over the last decade, and minus a few exceptions hasn’t really had a high profile game released recently. However, being the forerunner of many of today’s games, A lot of what makes up an adventure game lives on in other genres.

Fighting games – Hard Candy


Can last a while, but they always taste the same

Fighting games are fun to play alone and are even better in groups. However, a lot of the games in this genre are very similar; and because of this repeated formula, the genre has lost a lot it’s uniqueness between games. similar to hard candies: they can vary in flavor, but are otherwise exactly the same.

Despite these issues, fighting games are one of most used genres in gaming tournaments, and as such developed a rather large fanbase of both those who play and watch the games.

First Person Shooters – Sour Candy


Sometimes you want it, sometimes you don’t


One of the most popular genres of today is the First Person Shooter. Games in this genre typically have huge replayability. It allows huge player on player action in multiplayer as well as a story mode in single player. It is one of the most difficult genres as it requires fast reflexes. Like sour candy, You have to be in the right mood to play this genre. If you are enraged or unfocused you may end up performing badly.

Role Player Game’s – Bubble gum


These things last forever!

RPGs are similar to bubblegum because they both can last forever. With the amount of content that are in RPGs, it is incredibly difficult to really win. They can last years and you are more likely to get bored of them rather than finish them. Because of this large amount of content, RPGs have become a heavily popular genre and have a huge fan base.


You will inevitably have to shelve a game, and though some last longer than others, like candy. You will always have those memories

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  • Eric Hoff

    I love the comparisons of game genres to candies. Very inventive and creative. Fun read!