Grand Theft Hype

Okay, I’m officially hyped.

Rockstar revealed their first gameplay trailer for Grand theft Auto V today, and as Ciaran pointed out here, it looks awesome. Here’s the video again, if you’re wondering, and already I’ve got three things that have me happier than a squirrel in a peanut factory.

1. On the fly character switching
I’m getting right into the juicy bits, deeper than the fact that it’s pretty and big (both very true statements). You first see this at around 1:35 in the trailer, when Michael bursts in, takes a hostage, then you change to Franklin who snipes the other guys in the room. Then you see switching between Franklin, Michael and Trevor while in free roam, and they’re going about their days doing regular things like going on a bike ride, or caught in a high speed chase like Trevor, totally normal things.

I’ve got a feeling I’m going to like Trevor.

I didn’t think it was anything like this, I thought you’d do one mission as Franklin, one as Michael and so on. This has me so excited, what if you’re just driving down the street then Trevor speeds past you being chased by the cops? Talk about immersion. It also accentuates the mission planning aspect, speaking of which…

2. Plan your own heists!
So Grand Theft Auto V is like Rainbow Six… We get to plan the heists, you can do it the quiet, sneaky (boring) way, or go in guns blazing and shouting (AKA the fun way). What a great way to change the mission system. This means more fun, more options, more freedom and maybe the possibility for some different endings. This also adds more replayability, which is key for these games. I’ve played through San Andreas at least five times, and it doesn’t have all these elements except for the RPG ones. If GTA V is nearly as fun as San Andreas, I’m gonna be spending a lot of time glued to my chair playing this.

3. Stocks and investments!
I’ve never been this excited to invest my money. Maybe this a ploy by the banks…

Well I may never invest my money in real life, but I will in Los Santos! Investing in stocks seems pretty cool, and a great way to make more dosh, but this could mean even more. In GTA IV, they used the internet for the first time, where you could look at the funny dating sites and whatnot. Overall, it felt pretty underdeveloped and more of a gimmick than anything. With stocks, maybe you can access more sites, buy different guns, cars, clothes and further emulate our exciting lives buying stuff online instead of going out in public *shudder*.

So yeah, I’m a tad bit excited for this game. I was thinking about waiting until it came out on PC, maybe six months later, but this trailer did a pretty good job convincing me to get this as a belated birthday present for myself. I didn’t even mention the extracurricular activities (Biking! Tennis! Buying weed! Oh my!). This may be one of the best games of the generation and maybe, hopefully I don’t jinx it, rival the greatness of Red Dead Redemption. Rockstar, you have my heart, please don’t let me down.

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    Lame. More fodder for the adolescent and immature bro-bags. It’s more artless, tasteless, and mindless garbage to pander to the spiritually weak. Such a sad situation for society when the glamorization of violence and sex is the forefront of entertainment.

    • paintrain

      Mate you are an idiot the game is call Grand Theft Auto its a satire of American culture through and through.

      Did you expect Le Miserable or something?

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    shut your pie hole. By the way your GOD is a FRAUD.

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      And this comment is related to what? Did anyone mention religion anywhere in this article or in these comments? Perhaps this comment was meant for a different thread? Anyway, what you’ve provided here is that you are certainly A. Realist when it comes to expressing your ignorance and outright despicable attitude toward one of the most important aspects of life. But it’s no skin off my back.