The giveaway has closed and the results have been analyzed. We had a decent number of people enter and a fair number of referrals. As that this survey was very open ended on who could enter and how referrals were done there were a few surprises. First of all, unfortunately, there were two people who violated one part of the survey which stated that you should not be able to enter more than once so they were eliminated from winning the grand prize.

This being said, we had two very dedicated people who received a large number of referrals. In order of who received the most, @Butty578 and @OhArchangel each had over 10 referrals. Now as some of you might know, Butty is an employee of the site and runs the @GameNTrain account. Our analyst did not credit him with any of the “GameNTrain” or “@GameNTrain” referrals. His referrals specifically named his email address or twitter ID.

As such he has still expressed concern about his winning of the grand prize so he is opting to take a second place option and only select one game and let @OhArchangel choose for herself the grand prize.

The remaining prizes to be sent out and notified to the individuals when we request addresses. This list will be compiled as we receive responses to our communications to verify the winners are in fact still interested in their prizes. A limited list of final winners can be provided upon request after August 7th.

Please note:
A number of people won T-Shirts or Zeemotes and although these were sent out, the postal service made a mistake in the postage costs and these were sent back. In order to apologize for this, we will be awarding these winners of T-Shirts a Zeemote, and the winners of a Zeemote a T-Shirt… That’s right folks 2 prizes instead of 1.

And for those who request the winners list, personal addresses & names will not be given unless permission is received by the winner. Twitter contacts will be the only provided information (if this is available) as winners can control privacy settings on their own.


Update: The winner has opted for the PC Prize pack… A very good choice, even if we do say so ourselves :)

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  • Sdb1979

    Well done guys and to the future winners, said before and will say again, well done for the competition GnT ;0)

  • Augustine

    I love a good shirt! Do we need to contact about sizes?
    I am anxious to try out that zeemote as well, looks like an emulators best friend

    • Butty Ware

      I’m afraid they’re all the same size… so lucky dip as to whether they fit or not :)

    • Zeemote Technology Inc.


  • Eric Hoff

    Congrats Girl!

  • cave_bo

    CONGRATS @OhArchangel !

  • InSight

    Awesome i got a shirt AND a zeemote right?

    • Butty Ware

      you did :) originally got one, but because of the post office messing up, gave you and the other winners both (if they won t-shirt got an zeemote too, if got a zeemote were given a t-shirt too), I’ve not had a chance to repost these but I will be hopefully this week