Goodbye PlayStation 2 – A look back at 13 years of PS2 history

With EA sports announcing that it will be releasing its final title on the PlayStation 2, Fifa 14 on September 24th 2013, this officially ends one of the longest console runs of all time.

The PS2 took the United States by storm on October 26th 2000 when it was released in North America.  Sony’s PlayStation 2 knocked the Dreamcast out of production, and reigned as the only 6th generation console for a couple of months until the release of the Gamecube and Xbox.

Many factors helped the PS2’s longevity, but what is it about this system that kept developers creating games for this system for thirteen years, and consumers eating them up? Some people point to the backwards compatibility which allowed an even more diverse game base. Just like the PS1, the system was also loaded with amazing IP’s for every genre you could think of. This allowed them to reach one of the broadest audiences of any system.

Also when compared to the other 6th generation systems, it shined. Many people shyed away from the original Xbox because of frequent hardware problems and an extremely bulky controller. The PS2’s hardware however were extremely durable and provided a smaller controller which allowed for more children with smaller hands to play and less fatigue.

When you look at the pricing of the system compared to its successor, the PS3, it was extremely inexpensive. The PlayStation 3 offered the cheapest model at $499 dollars, which was still $200 more than the PlayStation 2 released at. With the XBox 360 being released at a cheaper selling point, while being released at the same time as the PS3, many fans jumped ship and purchased a 360. With most games still being released on the PS2, and ten dollars cheaper than seventh generation games, many stuck with the PlayStation 2 version.

It has been a great thirteen year run for Sony with this hit console, and although September 24th 2013 will mark the end of any type of PS2 product production, the joy in this system will never end. This is one of the systems that will stick around in bedrooms and living rooms for a very long time.

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