I know there has been a TON of stuff thrown at you guys about all the awesome games coming out this year.  Pre-order this and you get this unlockable, or pre-order from here and you get this code, or pre-order this edition and you get a maid named Lupe to make you pancakes in the morning.  Okay, maybe not the last one.  But you guys know what I mean.  There’s so many games and it’s all getting confusing!  Well I am here to clear the confusion up for you just a little bit. Just a heads up, this will only discuss Gears 3 character exclusives.

One of the important parts of the Gears of War series is to pick the character you wish to portray during multiplayer.  Some of us GOW players have been the same character through Gears 1 and 2.  You love your character and if there’s a “better” version coming out for Gears 3, you gotta have it right?!  Right!

Our friends at Epic decided to give a great buffet of versatility when it comes to exclusive characters.  This year, where you pre-ordered the game determines what awesome character you get.  Here’s a rundown:

Pre-Order Exclusives:

BEST BUYMechanic Baird.  Girls, I know you all LOVE some Baird.  Let’s say it all in unison….”HOT!”

Epic and Limited Editions--Pre-ordering either of these bad boys gives you Adam Fenix 

GameStop–We’re going commando with Commando Dom 

Amazon Epic & Limited EditionsSavage Kantus.  Plus on this one you get a $20 dollar Amazon card. Score!

Wal-Mart Epic & Limited EditionsSavage Grenadier Elite

Hope this helped you guys make a decision where to pre-order.  If you have already pre-ordered Gears 3, where did you get it?  Who’s your go-to character?

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  • http://twitter.com/Meiyer89 Andrew Johnston

    My go to is Dom. I read Aspho Fields and the idea of Dom as a commando is frikkin sweet.  I’d love the Baird one cuz I’m a techy, but I liked Dom before I really understood Baird, so I’ll be getting mine at Gamestop.