GameOn Presents… The Bikini Chef, Susan Irby

Whether on television, on your radio or on your bookshelf, the Bikini Chef has an important message to share.

Don’t let the name fool you, The Bikini Chef Susan Irby is an internationally recognized chef and nutritionist, well-known for her recipes designed to improve your figure, not take away from it.

Susan Irby is the host of Bikini Lifestyles, which won the TASTE Award for “Best Health and Fitness program” on PBS TV and  AM 790 KABC. The focus of her message as The Bikini Chef is good health, delicious recipes and exercise tips.

More importantly, Susan stresses through her work that you need to do more than just hit the gym if you want to maintain a great body image. Susan is quoted saying that 90 percent of the battle of the bulge is all about nutrition. Its important to regulate the foods that you put into your body more than it is to hit the gym five or six times a week.

To learn more about The Bikini Chef Susan Irby and her tricks in the kitchen, check out our interview in the video below…

A big thank you to Susan Irby for taking the time to make an appearance on GameOn!

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  • Eric Hoff

    Some good tips in this interview. Susan is 100% correct when she said how important what we put in our bodies is for our health. So many people spend so much time working out and then shovel crap into their bodies. It is so counterproductive. Think of the gains one could achieve if they coupled that exercise with some healthier eating.

    Good show.