GameOn Podcast – Episode 41

GameOn Episode 41 is here!

Its another exciting episode, as we take a look at GameOn’s past and go forward into our future.

With 2013 here and a year of great content behind us, we’re taking a retrospective look at some of our top features. This week, we’re looking back at our interview with Canadian Olympic Gold Medallist Ashleigh McIvor!

Jumping back into the present, we’re joined by Sage Mears, the voice of Kat in the newly released DmC: Devil May Cry! Kat talks about her experience in her first voice acting role and her first time working with motion capture on the set of DmC!

GameNTrain fitness expert Karma Schopp is back this week! Karma is talking about New Year’s Resolutions and how they should play into your fitness routine!

And Best of the Best is back, covering another major game franchise. This time, GameOn Contributor Steve takes a look at the Mega Man series, which just celebrated its 25th Anniversary! Today, we look at the series proper, Mega Man 1-10. We will be taking a look at the Mega Man spin-offs at a later date, so watch out for that!

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