GameNTrain’s Best Games of 2012: A Sporting Chance

With Christmas and Boxing Day behind us, many gamers are still trying to digest their Christmas feasts, as turkey, roast beef, ham and possibly sugar plums dance their way through our digestive systems. Looks like its time to hit the gym again!

GameNTrain is known for its stance on combining gaming and fitness. There are no better genres of games to combine those elements than fitness games and sports games.

2012 definitely provided gamers with a number of options in both of these categories. All manners of sports were represented in video game form this year. We even saw a rebirth of classic video game franchise SSX, which took the snowboarding video game to an entirely new level.

Fitness games really shined this year as developers got a better grip on making games for the Kinect. Many well-known workout routines were adapted to video game training games. Whether you wanted to dance off the pounds with Zumba or Just Dance 4 or you wanted to fight off the weight with UFC based training, there were plenty of options available for you this year.

Without further adieu, we will look at the top games in 2012 for the sports and fitness genres, as voted on by GameNTrain’s staff and by the GNT fan base.

Dance-Central-3-Logo BEST FITNESS GAME OF 2012 – Dance Central 3

The latest installment in the Dance Central franchise for the XBox 360 brought its A-game for 2012. With the option to bring over all of the tracks from the first two installments in the series, gamers bust a move dancing along to all varieties of songs from multiple eras. It may seem like dancing isn’t much of a workout, but try dancing four of the game’s faster tracks in a row… you are guaranteed to build up a sweat. Where Dance Central 3 outshines its competitors (Just Dance, Zumba Fitness Core) is an easy to use interface, structured gaming and options available for all manners of gameplay. You can play the game’s single player story mode or you can get a group of friends together for the Crew Throwdown mode. Not only that, but there are a number of mini-games available for you to go head-to-head with your buddies, giving more variety to the gameplay other than just strict dancing and following the movements. With a plethora of features, Dance Central 3 is a great choice for GameNTrain’s Best Fitness Game of 2012

Honourable Mention – Fitness Game

Nike and Kinect Training
Zumba Fitness Core

fifa_13_ps3_super_slim BEST SPORTS GAME OF 2012 – FIFA Soccer 13

After 20 editions of the FIFA franchise, this long running soccer  game (or football for our European audience) continues to outshine its competition. With 30 different soccer leagues included in the game’s line-up, EA called FIFAifa 13 “the most authentic football game on the planet.” Updates were also made to the game’s career mode, giving players the option of managing an international team, as well as a club.  This game sold more than one million copies in its first week of release… in the United Kingdom alone! A total of 7.4 million copies were sold within its first four weeks of release worldwide, making this the biggest sports video game launch of all time and proving the game is a commercial success. It even was Kinect enabled! FIFA 13 is clearly GameNTrain’s Best Sports Game of 2012.

Honourable Mention – Sports Game

NBA 2K13
UFC Undisputed 3

Hopefully, these games will help whip you back into shape from all the holiday feasting you have been up to. Stick with GameNTrain as we count down the best games of 2012 in all genres every day until December 31st, when we reveal the GameNTrain Top 10 Games of 2012.

Tomorrow, we’ll test your mind and your hand-eye coordination, as we look at the Best Puzzle Game of 2012 and the Best Racing Game of 2012

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