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Console gamers got their first chance to get their hands on Terraria a little less than two months ago, back in March. Since then, there are all sorts of gamers trying out this 2D-action/adventure sandbox.

So what is the draw for Terraria? What is it about a game like this that continuously draws in new gamers? Or why do long time fans of this game continue to play this game as a console download, even though they may have spent years playing it on their PCs at home?

We recently got in touch with David Welch from 505 Games, the Producer of the console version of Terraria. He had plenty to say about the success that Terraria has received.

Terraria Screen1. For those who haven’t heard of Terraria, how best would you describe the appeal of this game to a new audience?

The appeal of Terraria resides in pairing the familiarity of traditional platformers with an open world sandbox—it’s very much up to the player to dig and explore and create their own adventures. You can really take ownership of your world because it’s unique (it’s randomly generated), and you’ve discovered it and built it organically. Whether you want to spend all your time fighting monsters, exploring the world, crafting gear, or building a castle—Terraria caters to any play-style. It’s rare to have that amount of freedom or content in a game.

2. How has Terraria been received since making the jump over to consoles like the XBOX 360 and the Playstation 3?

Really, really well! We were extremely anxious as to whether the same kinds of players who enjoyed Terraria on PC would be there for us on console—and they are, to our great relief. The existing PC players also had a lot of questions as to whether we could translate the mouse and keyboard onto a controller, and I think we’ve shown everyone we can create an experience that feels really good. Plus, the ability to sit on your couch and play split-screen with your friends—it’s a unique feature and really takes advantage of everything consoles have to offer.

Terraria Boss3. Terraria first came out in 2011 on PC and still sees plenty of popularity today. What do you think is the draw for long-term fans of the game?

It’s a combination of things—first, there’s so much content that it can take a long time just to explore everything within the game. It’s very easy to come back weeks or months down the line and try to fight a new boss or explore a new area. Second, Terraria is simply fantastic to play with friends. It doesn’t pigeonhole you into certain types of multiplayer modes so it can be anything you want it to be—social, cooperative, competitive, whatever. You can drop into a game with some friends and alternate between fighting bosses, fighting each other, building stuff (and showing it off), it’s very self-directed and low stress. I think that’s what really keeps people coming back.

4. There’s also a version of Terraria in the works for the PlayStation Vita. Will a handheld version of the game have the same level of online interactivity as past versions?


5. Thank you for your time. If people want more information about Terraria or want to keep posted on any updates, where should they go?

They can check out our Facebook page or they can always follow us on Twitter at

Terraria is available now on both the XBox Live Arcade and Playstation Network. Thank you to Lisa Fields at 505 Games for helping to arrange this interview.

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