GameNTrain Netflix Giveaway Results!

GameNTrain’s Netflix giveaway came to a close yesterday!

In the end, new people were introduced to GameNTrain’s YouTube channel, but only one person will be the lucky winner of a free one year subscription to Netflix and a Roku streaming device!

Without further adieu, here is your winner of GameNTrain’s Netflix Giveaway!

Netflix Giveaway Winner!

- Maria B

One proud Canadian has been awarded through this contest! Expect to see an e-mail over the course of the day seeking further information from you for shipping purposes!

Thanks again for your support! Enjoy your free year of Netflix on your Roku streaming device!

Be sure to check out GameNTrain for more great giveaways in the future!

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  • XboxLive Anatidae

    Congrats Maria, thats a sweet prize. GameNTrain you must do one of these again in the future, I want another chance at winning. =)