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Week two of the  GameNTrain Cosplay Special continues as we take a look at some amazing cosplayers and celebrate the art of cosplay in general. Today, we take a look at another cosplayer who is an avid gamer, given the fact the Electronic Entertainment Expo continues today… and who better to talk to than Hikari Katsurugi!

Hikari is an illustrator who hails from Spain and loves costume making, costume design and performing. She has been making cosplay since 2004, but feels that she can justify calling herself a professional cosplayer since the year 2006.

Hikari Katsurugi is a big fan of videogames, comics, books and TV shows. A true child of modern media, which can create a real problem with procrastination at times!

Outside of cosplay and media, she is a cat lover and also obsessed with chocolate!

Without further adieu, let’s learn more about today’s featured cosplayer, Hikari Katsurugi!

Jade Hikari Kat1. Tell us a little bit about yourself… What is it about cosplay that caught your interest?

Hi, I’m from Spain. I’m nearly 26 and I’m an illustrator =) Cosplay for me is a great and awesome hobby.

I started with cosplay many years ago. I have liked dressing up since I was a child, but I didn’t know what cosplay was until I was fourteen or fifteen. I made my first costume when I was sixteen years old, but it was an absolute disaster! I’m lucky because I don’t have any photos of this!

In 2005-06, I made my first costume, taking it a lot more serious and that’s continued until now! =P

2. There’s a lot of debate between the differences of cosplay and costuming, what’s your thoughts on the two? Are they the same sort of thing or mutually exclusive?

I think it’s the same, isn’t it? Cosplay is Costume Play and costuming… well it’s the same for me. To me, the differences would be if you were a costume maker or a cosplayer =) One person can be a cosplayer, but not a cosmaker and vice versa. And another person can be a cosmaker and cosplayer. The concept of cosplay and costuming perhaps is the same for me =)

Chell - Portal3. So for you, what do you prefer to model for cosplay? Characters from the eastern style of anime or western cartoons?

Well, when I started with cosplay, I costumed anime and manga characters. I really love CLAMP in all the ways. The illustrations are absolutely beautiful. But for some years now, I have preferred to make costumes of videogames. I don’t see as much anime or manga now, because the western style is more attractive for me now. But perhaps I will make  other manga or anime character, who knows? I’m still a huge fan of Clamp and I have a lot of whims for their characters =P

4. What about cosplaying as video game characters, is there certain characters that interests you?

Uff, I don’t know! I cosplayed many videogame characters very different from each other.

I think the character has to attract me with their design and their personality. I always want to play the games before I cosplay any character. I haven’t played, for example, Borderlands 2 yet, because I can’t buy it. But I did play the first game.

I made Lilith from Borderlands 2 for a group with other cosplayers and well, I really like Lilith, character and design,  so, I cosplayed her for that reason.

So its important for the videogame to attract me, and I have to like the design of the characters.

5. Now aside from the characters you play, there’s also the thought of costume design vs. actually wearing the costume at different events. Both have their own unique challenges, but which of these two aspects of cosplay do you prefer?

Of course I love both! I consider myself as a cosmaker and cosplayer =) I love to wear costumes that I make, it’s completely satisfactory when you have finished a costume and you can wear it, proud of your work.

Lilith - Borderlands 2 Hikari Kat6. Which costumes have you designed would you say mean the most to you?

Mmm… It’s difficult to say… I don’ think I have a costume that you see and say “wow.”

My costumes are more simple recently. I haven’t made any armor costume, for example, or a… “Victorian” dress. Well, Yuuko (xxxHolic) is a Victorian dress, but I would like to fix her.

Every costume has a part of me because I made every costume with all my effort and illusion =)

7. What do you enjoy most about the convention circuit and showing off your designs?

When I go to a convention, its all about seeing people I don’t see normally from living in other cities, for example. I love to make photo shoots, talk with people, laugh. See the conventions in my country are just second nature for me =)

8. What sort of tips would you give someone looking to get into costume design? Obviously, this isn’t easy work to accomplish!

As I always say: be patient. SOOO patient. Choose a simple design, start the costume with time. If you make any mistake with parts of the costume re-make the piece. See tutorials. Ask people for tips if you have any question. Search for patterns (the internet is completely full of patterns!) and the most important: have fun! =)

Christy 2 Hikari Kat9. Thank you so much for joining us today. If people wanted to find out more about you, where should they go?

Thanks to GameNTrain for the interview!! If you want to see my work you can check out my Facebook Page or my Deviantart account =)

Details about today’s cosplay photography:

Jade from Mortal Kombat 9 Cosplay - Photo & edition: Hidrico

Chell from Portal Cosplay -  Photo & edition: Hidrico

Christie from Dead or Alive 4 Cosplay - Photo: Mireya, Edition: Hidrico

Lilith from Borderlands 2 Cosplay – Photo and Edition by Hidrico Photography

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