GameNTrain Cosplay Special – Ginny McQueen

A little late on the draw getting today’s article up and online, but Week Four of the GameNTrain Cosplay Special is here! We’ve got one week to wrap up our coverage of all things cosplay and we’re bringing back someone from GameNTrain’s past for today’s featured interview.

Ginny McQueen is a welcome addition to the GameNTrain Cosplay Special and a past interview guest on GameOn.

Elk from Shadowrun CosplayGinny has been cosplaying for 14 years and has won 18 costuming awards. In that time, she has constructed over 70 costumes, judged masquerades and been on staff for numerous conventions.

She has also been invited as a featured guest to several conventions both in the USA and internationally. On top of that, she has been featured on television stations like G4, MTV, and Fuji TV in Japan for her costuming.

In addition to her years of costuming she is also a trained actress and singer.

Without further adieu, let’s learn more about today’s featured cosplayer, Ginny McQueen!

April O Neil Cosplay1. What is it about cosplay that caught your interest?

I’ve always been a creative-type, and couple that with an awesome way to make friends and I was hooked.

2. There’s a lot of debate between the differences of cosplay and costuming, what’s your thoughts on the two? Are they the same sort of thing or mutually exclusive?

I consider dressing up as a character from fiction to be cosplay, but I don’t think the distinction really matters.

3. So for you, what do you prefer to model for cosplay? Characters from the eastern style of animation or western cartoons?

I make all my own costumes, and I have varied interests. So I don’t think I have any preference.

Seifer from FInal Fantasy 8 Cosplay4. What about cosplaying as video game characters, is that something that interests you?

Yup, I’ve done plenty of that.

5. Now aside from the characters you play, there’s also the thought of costume design vs. actually wearing the costume at different events. Both have their own unique challenges, but which of these two aspects of cosplay do you prefer?

I most enjoy doing photoshoots. Getting some amazing photos is really the payoff for me.

6. Which costumes have you designed would you say mean the most to you?

Well, I don’t do much “designing”. Most often the costumes I make are recreations of a design that someone else has already made. Any time I get to make a character I really love is rewarding.

Ovelia Final Fantasy Tactics Cosplay7. What do you enjoy most about the convention circuit and showing off your designs?

Honestly, I’m very picky about what I wear to conventions. I won’t stay in heels or anything complicated for very long. When I’m at conventions I try to bring things that are comfortable enough for me to be in for more than an hour. And it’s less about showing off and more about having fun with friends, for me at least.

8. What sort of tips would you give someone looking to get into costume design? Obviously, this isn’t easy work to accomplish!

I am someone that learns by doing, taking things apart and putting them back together. Get yourself familiar with the basics of your sewing machine and how clothes fit, and you’ll have a good foundation to start experimenting. Always be learning and trying new things!

Marki from Shining Force 3 Cosplay9. Thank you so much for joining us today. If people wanted to find out more about you, where should they go?


Cosplay costumes featured in today’s article include (in order of appearance):

Emma Frost from X-Men
Elf from Shadowrun
April O’Neal from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Seifer Almasy from Final Fantasy VIII
Ovelia from Final Fantasy Tactics
Marki from Shining Force 3

All costumes were made and modelled by Ginny McQueen.

To learn more about Ginny McQueen, check out Ginny’s past interview with GameOn in the video below…

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