GameNTrain Cosplay Special – Danica Stonhouse / Nica Stone

The GameNTrain Cosplay Special continues into its second week! Seeing as how today is the start of E3, it only made sense for us to feature a cosplayer who is also interested in gaming. Meet Nica Stone!

Nica, also known as Danica Stonhouse outside of cosplay circles, first crossed paths with the team from GameNTrain at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo. You can catch Nica in her Zatanna cosplay in our Quick Questions from Kyle Born videos.

She may be new to the cosplay scene, but she is a skilled photographer and has a special project that she has been working on revolving around superheroes. You’ll learn more about that through the course of the interview!

Without further adieu, let’s learn more about today’s featured cosplayer, Nica Stone!

Nica Stone Tomb Raider1. What is it about cosplay that caught your interest?

I don’t really know, I never really even called it Cosplay myself. My friend mentioned we should go to the Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo and that I should dress up. And since I was already putting together a collection of super heroes for my photography project, I figured I’d kill two birds with one stone & be a character I needed the costume for. So I became Zatanna & locked a few poses down & went out to promote myself, my company & the collection I was
putting together.

2. There’s a lot of debate between the differences of cosplay and costuming, what’s your thoughts on the two? Are they the same sort of thing or mutually exclusive?

From what I know, I would say Cosplay is recreating a character from anything anime, super hero, sci-fi, video game inspired. And costuming is just dressing up as something like a bunny or cheerleader for Halloween. . .

3. So for you, what do you prefer to model for cosplay? Characters from the eastern style of animation or western cartoons?

I’m not much into Anime, so I would think Western.

Nica Stone - Madd Moxi4. What about cosplaying as video game characters, is that something that interests you?

Of course, I love video game characters. I have a Madd Maxi outfit I put together for a photo shoot as well as a Tomb Raider outfit.

5. Now aside from the characters you play, there’s also the thought of costume design vs. actually wearing the costume at different events. Both have their own unique challenges, but which of these two aspects of cosplay do you prefer?

I enjoy putting them together for my shoots, because I have the ability to make the costumes exactly how I’d like to portray the character. But as far as wearing them to events, I would only be seen wearing a cosplay outfit to a comic con. Otherwise I think I would feel a little silly. :P

6. Which costumes have you designed would you say mean the most to you?

I couldn’t really say, I made them all for a purpose & once they have been used for that, it’s on to the next one, I will be keeping them all, but I couldn’t narrow it down to one having the most meaning.

SONY DSC7. What do you enjoy most about the convention circuit and showing off your designs?

Well my goal at the Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo is to show off my creations or outfits and sell prints of each of the characters I have created. I have designed & photographed 19 so far and I now have only 5 left. But I cannot take all the credit in making these outfits, T.M.Pasnak did help me make a lot of them come to life with her design & sewing talents. And a few of them are FULL body bodypaints, because I decided designing the costume would be a little too costly & would look really neat from an artistic point of view if they were purely body painted.

8. What sort of tips would you give someone looking to get into costume design? 

Obviously, this isn’t easy work to accomplish! I can’t give much advice on this as I am just getting into it myself. It is easier to modify an outfit into what you want, then to start from scratch.

9. Thank you so much for joining us today. If people wanted to find out more about you, where should they go?

You are very welcome, thank you for the opportunity,

Nica Stone PhotographyThey can go to or (Photographer) (Model)

Shoot or be Shot Photography will be at the 2013 Edmonton Entertainment & Comic Expo at Northlands located at Booth #1512. I will be selling prints of my Marvel & DC collection & offering mini photo sessions for all the cosplay

For updates on my Super Hero project, you can visit these links:

witter: @Shoot_orbe_Shot 

Shoot or be Shot

Watch for Nica Stone in her Zatanna costume in our Quick Questions from Kyle Born features. Can you spot Nica in our video below?

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