Well the holiday season is among us again, and with it comes a lot of family, work, social get-togethers and time away from our favorite games. Fear not fellow gamers, because we have many outlets to stay entertained with game related entertainment even when we are not able to game in the traditional sense.

Starting with our closest resource: we have our smartphones. CNN Says most cell phone users are smart phone users, and I am betting that most gamers with cell phones have a smartphone of some sort. With any internet enabled phone you can access to, of course, GameNTrain (Shameless Plug There), YouTube, or your favorite games website to get the latest news.

Don’t forget about print media. Here’s a list of magazines from wikipedia. My personal favorite is Game Informer from GameStop.

There are many ways for you to stay informed and stay entertained this holiday season.


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  • http://www.GameNTrain.com/ Eric Hoff

    Good article. It is always nice to jump on the mobile to get my gaming info or even to play a round of Plants vs Zombies. I still feel mobile or tablet is the best way to play that game. Nice plug for the site as well :)