Fitness Tip: Nothing Tastes as Good as Fit Feels

Tell me, what is stopping you? We all know that sinking your teeth into a McDonald’s Big Mac is delicious, enjoyable and short lived. We also know that being fit and having a healthy body and mind is one of the best feelings we can achieve. So why do many make the unhealthy choices that negatively impact their bodies on a daily basis? We all need to remember that nothing tastes as good as fit feels.

Cravings and temptations visit us multiple times per day. If you struggle fighting them, you need to find a way to put that desire out of your mind and replace it with your desire to be fit. Think about it. You sit at your desk at work and have that unhealthy, calorie packed food. You enjoy it for a few minutes and then as soon as you are done you think, “I should not have eaten that”. The few minutes of pleasure do not make up for the hours of guilt you feel afterward.

Just try to remember how good fit feels when you are faced with one of those cravings.

Adventure:  A young woman trail running in autumn, Porcupine Mountains State Park, Upper Peninsula, Michigan


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With a vision of combining his two favorite pastimes Eric created GameNTrain in 2010, a website with a focus on familiarizing gamers of the importance of fitness. While having a passion for gaming, he never forgets the importance of maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle. With over 15 years of fitness knowledge, a gaming history of 25 years, and a degree in Physical Education, Health and Personal Training, his goal is to share his knowledge and help alleviate the growing concern of less active adults and children that make video games their hobby. To make contact click here .

  • Peter Thomas

    This is exactly my thoughts as I start to dig into my fourth (gosh I can’t believe it’s been that long!) week of working out again. I’m starting to see the changes happening to my body as I ditch the fast foods, junk and other unhealthy habits my body didn’t need and start making the right choices and watching the results.

    I’ve slimmed down a considerable amount, and as I return to my normal size, I also find that I am gaining a ‘high’ from those results. The more I see happen, the more motivated I am to see more. I’ve spent upwards of two hours in the gym and don’t even realize I am there that long anymore!

    • Eric Hoff

      So happy to hear that you are on your way to a healthier lifestyle pal. Good work.