Fit Friday: Obesity Statistics from 2012

Obesity in the United States has become an epidemic. Americans are expanding by the year and so are their children and healthcare costs. It is something that is more difficult every year to ignore.

Here are some startling statistics from “Obesity in America: By the Numbers” from

- A third of Americans are overweight. Another third are obese. ThisS combined makes up 68.8 percent of U.S. adults are overweight or obese.- CDC

- Obesity is a contributing factors in five of the top ten contributing factors of death in the United States: heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, kidney, disease. -CDC

-Losing as little as 5-7 percent of a persons total weight lowers blood pressure, improves blood sugar levels, and lowers diabetes by 60 percent in people who are pre-diabetic. – CDC

- In 2009 roughly 94 percent of schools served lunches that failed to meet federal standards for a healthy meal. -USDA Survey

- Someone with diabetes will cost $6,600 more per year to take care of than someone who does not have diabetes. Collectively diabetes will cost over $150 billion a year. Someone who is obese will cost $1,400 per year to take care of than someone who is healthy.- CDC

- At the current rates of increase, obesity related health care costs are expected to exceed $300 billion by the hear 2018. -CDC

- Workers who are obese are less likely to be promoted in their jobs than their fit peers.- Reuters

- Obesity related absenteeism costs employers as much as $6.4 billion per year. – CDC

These are just a few of the statistics from 2012. I know some of these may seem shocking and upsetting, but it is the truth and it’s only getting worse. Obesity is a choice in this country. Genetics do play a role in one’s body type, however it is within our control to take care of our bodies by eating nutritious balanced meals and getting up off the couch and exercising. Being overweight is a challenge and it certainly does not make ones life easier. We need to work together and help one another make the right choices and hold each other accountable. I hope you all found this article to be informative and motivating. Thank you for taking the time out to read it :)

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