Fit Female: At Home Body Weight Routine

With a week off from work my hope is that you ladies will pop in here and take a look around for a workout to complete at home. Below is a routine which can be completed in full with no equipment. A body weight routine is perfect for a rainy day or a time when you have to bang something out quick to get a sweat going. Have a look below and remember, as always, keep your time and be sure to share it in the comments below.

For Time:

200 Prisoner squats
300 Mountain climbers
100 Push ups
50 Burpies
200 Squat kicks
200 Crunches

These exercises can be done in any order and broken up in any way you wish. Just be sure to complete all of the repetitions with as little rest as possible.

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body weight routine

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  • Deb Short Degraw

    phew – glad THAT’S over!!

    • Eric Hoff

      Nice work Deb. Proud of you.