First PlayStation Mobile Game Jam Games Featured at GDC

Yesterday, at the Indie Arcade event at Game Developer’s Conference, the winner of last month’s New York City game jam was announced, PlayStation blog writes. A panel decided on four semi-finalists from the 48-hour game jam, and the teams were then given a month more to develop their titles using the PlayStation Market platform. Hermit Crab in Space, developed by Golden Ruby Games, emerged as the winner and is showcased at GDC, and will also be shown at E3 this year, June 11-13.

Hermit Crab in Space looks similar to Drox Operative: you control a rogue ship traveling through a galaxy filled with enemy battalions. Parts of defeated foes can be scavenged to customize your own ship with a variety of defensive and offensive upgrades, but be wary of those falling off when you get hit.

The other semi-finalists were Crystallon, a sort of match-3 game where you have to build cubes out of pieces; Crumble, a puzzle platformer where your body shape will change as you interact with the level; Don’t Wake the Bear, a multiplayer “hot potato” where you want to poke the bear but not be the one to wake him up. The PlayStation blog entry has descriptions for all these games as well as for a handful more releases on PlayStation Mobile.

PlayStation Mobile looks like a promising platform for indie game development and publishing. For a $99 a year licensing fee, any developer can use the starting kit for unlimited publishing not only on Sony’s devices, like phones and the Vita, but also any Android devices compatible with PlayStation Mobile. This is Sony’s most open platform so far.

“Independent development is getting to the point where it’s experiencing a renaissance,” said Chris Mahoney, director of Emerging Platforms at PlayStation. “There’s just more and more of these game developers out there because distributing their games has become easier and easier. We really want to provide a playground for these developers.”

Check out the video of the game jam below.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]


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    Game Jam, awesome concept. I love the whole indie scene.