Final Fantasy X HD for PS Vita Revealed with a video


Final Fantasy X HD is coming, Square Enix has taken the conference via streaming that Sony has done on the PS Vita to confirm the development of a high-definition remake of the legendary game from the PS2.

It was at the conference this morning in which Sony has shown games that are coming to PlayStation Vita, also known as the company that will set a cut off on the price of the device. Therefore, Square Enix has shown the look of the remastering work title that saw the light in 2002 for the legendary PS2.

But when? That’s the big question. From Square Enix are still on this, although it seems that there is not much to it. For now here we have the first images accompanied by a short video where we can see the looks of Tidus and Yuna. Enjoy the looks of this new Final Fantasy X HD.


Source: [IGN]

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