Final Fantasy V – Now Available for iOS!

Good Morning everyone! As you all know, Final Fantasy has been coming to the iOS system for a couple years now. Today, we were given Final Fantasy V! For those of you that don’t know much about Final Fantasy V:

“The game centers around a group of four strangers brought together by circumstance to save the crystals that have mysteriously begun shattering one by one. Eventually it is revealed that the one behind the phenomenon is the villain Exdeath, as part of a plan to release himself from his imprisonment and to gain the power of the Void, a realm of nothingness, which could bestow absolute power on one able to resist being absorbed by it. The four thus turn their attentions to defeating Exdeath and stopping the Void’s unstable energies from consuming their world.”


Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II were released for iOS early 2010, with Final Fantasy III in 2011 and IV late last year. Other available Final Fantasy games on the iOS systems include:

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions

Final Fantasy Dimensions

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade

Final Fantasy All the Bravest (an iOS exclusive)

Theatrhythm – Final Fantasy

Although the iOS systems don’t give us much for graphics and advancement, it is said that Final Fantasy V is improved with better visuals and graphics, well….as much can be done for the iOS systems. Check it out at the iTunes store, for $15.99, and make sure to check out all the other Final Fantasy Games as well.

[Quoted Source: Final Fantasy V wiki]

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