A while back my co-worker Stan and I wanted to make a piece of art.  I had moved in to a new house and really didn’t have anything to display.  So we combined my love of gaming and Stan’s art know-how to create this awesome, modern controller piece.

I constructed it in Photoshop first and then we printed that image out in order to have something to go off of (you can see the PS original on the top right of the easel).  I didn’t get the bright idea to take video footage of this crafty journey until it was already drawn out.

We only had time to paint after work, so this is a few sessions. I hope you enjoy!

the author

I am a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) burrito smothered in gamer sauce. As a former college athlete and hardcore gamer, I was inspired to do something in my life bigger than myself. Changing lives and inspiring others is my goal in life...and making others laugh. I am just a Southern belle with lots of ambition and awesomeness. Boom! .