Darth Vader, Megatron, Hannibal Lecter and the Joker are some of the most iconic villains in entertainment. Video games have endured some tough times with some crazy and memorable villains including Psycho Mantis, Shang Tsung and Bowser. Now that, arguably, one of the games of the year has been released in Far Cry 3, in my eyes one of the greatest villains in gaming history and possibly entertainment’s history has been created. The villain in question has a crazy Mohawk haircut and bares a huge scar which extends from the side of his face to the side of his head. This villain is none other than the game’s cover character Vaas.

From the moment you gain control of Far Cry 3′s protagonist Jason Brody, your first impression of Vaas will haunt you for the rest of the time you spend indulging on Rook Island’s exotic landscape, dangerous wildlife and colorful characters. Jason Brody is living the high life with members of his family and closest friends but as soon as Vaas has his way, Jason is left cowering for his life and the feeling of fearing for your life never leaves your (the player) thoughts the entire time you are playing the game. This is mostly down to Vaas and his insane ways of influencing Jason and the way in which he gets inside your head.

‘Insane’ is a word that seems to be used a lot in Far Cry 3. As you dive further into the fast-flowing and deep story of Far Cry 3, Vaas uses the same line almost each time you see him:
“Did I ever tell you the meaning of insanity?”

The message behind this sentence is enough to question “the meaning of insanity.” The amount of times in which Vaas mentions the question and the way in which he has acted in Far Cry 3′s story makes you question the way in which Jason Brody thinks “the meaning of insanity,” is. You see so many different aspects of it throughout the game that you think that Vaas himself is “the meaning of insanity.” As there is so much going on in such a short space of time in the game with protagonist Jason, it is hard to grasp what is real and what isn’t.

This is what is special about Far Cry 3, even though everything is so fast-paced and exciting, nothing is ever the same and everything is so unpredictable. You are often left wondering, “WOW! Did that really just happen?”

Another aspect of Vass’ character which makes him so special is the way in which he is motion captured and how his voice has been recorded by Ubisoft. Vaas was voiced and captured by Michael Mando. The way in which Mando has grasped the sense of fear and craziness which Vaas has within him has been brought to life by Mando’s excellent acting skills. Most characters are voiced by voice actors who you believe would be best suited to the character but in Vass’ case, it is great acting skills as well as excellent voicing skills.

All of the above reasons, as well as many more reasons within the game (spoiler orientated) show why Vaas is one of the best game villains of all time. From the moment you meet him you know you are never in for a safe journey and each and every encounter you have with him will have you asking more questions than answers you will be getting as this villain is as complicated and tough as taking on a shark with your bare hands!

Oh I almost forgot, “Did I ever tell you the meaning of insanity?”


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    Did I ever tell you definition of insanity…?

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    Looks so realistic, on last pic…

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    Vaas is really a great villain!