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Creative Fanboy Genius – These 3 words that I chose to describe this ultimate act of giving and present making from a husband to a wife were the most fitting, I felt, out of a list of so many others, including the likes of ‘Romantic’ and ‘Legend’. In my opinion, it is at the extreme end of the thoughtfulness spectrum and has quite deservedly created a bit of a buzz throughout the Internet, with the gallery on imgur garnering more than 670,000 views at the time of writing.

The Fallout Monopoly is the handiwork of Reddit user and current legend XsimonbelmontX (also known as Brandon), a man who is quite likely still being bombarded with questions of intrigue regarding the board game. The reasons that drove him to create it are pretty simple – His wife is a huge Fallout fan and he wanted to make her a present. Unfortunately, production wasn’t as straightforward though, with a total of 8 months being spent crafting and creating this surprise gift in complete and utter secrecy. Not only is he a creative fanboy genius, he is also a fantastically sly devil too!

The game itself was created from a Monopoly board that he has modified to lay the foundations of the main circuit for gameplay. It features scenery and locations from the Fallout games, including the likes of Vault 13 from Fallout 1 & 2 as well as Megaton from Fallout 3. Additionally, the currency is based on bottle caps that range from Nuka Cola Quartz ($1) to the Sunset Sarsaparilla Star caps ($500), all of which can be found when playing the Fallout games and were bought in bulk on eBay. All of the playable pieces were hand-crafted from various sources – the most impressive being the heat induced transformation of Iron Man into Fallout 3′s very own Iron Giant; Liberty Prime.

Just by glancing at the set that he has created, you can tell that a lot of time and effort has been put into it but the actual depth of detail that he has persevered for is astonishing. He has gone to the lengths of altering some of the classic Monopoly game mechanics to give the board game more of a Fallout-esque role-playing feel. Now you start the game with a wooden perk disc, giving you an extra ability in the process, and along the way you can level up and find various Vault-Tec cards (as opposed to Community Chest and Chance).

To top it all off, he placed all of the pieces from his labour of love into a wooden box that he had branded with the classic Fallout logo and promptly secured it with a padlock. Setting the scene, he then proceeded to play the Ink Spots’ ‘I don’t want to set the World on fire’ before handing his wife the box and a bobby pin and declaring that “your birthdays are going to be really, really disappointing from now on.” Even so, this should keep her extremely happy for quite some time.

This is a benchmark for love guys. I think some of us have some serious brainstorming to do…

Toodle pip!

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  • XsimonbelmontX

    Hi Ciaran. I’ve been reading through a lot of the articles written about my game, and just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the write-up. I think of all of the articles I’ve read, this one has been my favorite. Thanks so much, I’m still blown away by all of the attention this has gotten. So many requests from people wanting to buy one. If only the licensing wasn’t an issue, I would love to be able to do that. Anyway, thanks again from myself and my wife, this is awesome. :)

    - Brandon. Creative Fanboy Genius.

    • http://twitter.com/Ciaran_Allen Ciaran Allen

      Hi Brandon,

      Thank you! That was definitely my favourite comment of all time! As soon as I saw your Fallout Monopoly I knew I had to cover it on here. Aside from being a Fallout fan myself, the amount of effort that you put in made me admire your dedication and want to help spread the word. People like you make writing all the more enjoyable.

      If Bethesda do ever decide to create an official Fallout Monopoly then it’d be just plain silly if they didn’t consider asking you to help them. With the recent launch of the Bethesda online store, added with the amount of interest that this story has attracted, I’d say that it’s not too farfetched to imagine a Fallout Monopoly being released around the time that Fallout 4 hits the shelves. Hopefully I’m not speculating too much though!

      Take care and I wish all the best to you both,


    • Daemon

      Hi Brandon,

      I just saw this post and thought it was awesome. I was wondering if you would ever post pictures of all the cards, tokens, pages of the booklet, etc so that we could try to create our own versions of this awesome game? We could just print out or create our own versions of your cards and learn the rules from the booklet. That would be amazing. Congratulations on the success and the amazing achievement with this. I am very envious of your wife having this game. :)