Earthbound – Available for the Wii U Today!

Devoted fans of Earthbound, your long wait is finally over!

Earthbound GameplayNintendo announced via a Nintendo Direct Mini video today that Earthbound, the long acclaimed and cult craved Super Nintendo  game, has launched on the North American Wii U Virtual Console today.

The port of the SNES game was first announced back in April during one of Nintendo’s Direct videos and is now available online in North America and Europe.

The game costs $9.99 on the Wii U eShop.

In a fun twist, Nintendo has also announced that the original Earthbound strategy guide has also been available for owners of the Wii U.

Earthbound CardsThe strategy guide has been optimized for the Wii U GamePad and is freely available for viewing on Nintendo’s Earthbound site.

Nintendo’s Bill Trinen jokingly adds that the crew at Nintendo has unfortunately not been able to figure out how to make scratch-and-sniff technology work on the Internet just yet. This joke refers to the original scratch and sniff cards that originally came with the game’s strategy guide.

Scratch-and-sniff was also part of a widely panned advertising campaign for Earthbound, when it first released back in 1992. Its nice to see Nintendo can have a sense of humor about these sort of things!

You can find more info on Earthbound here!

No word on if the game will be available for the 3DS at a future date. C’mon Nintendo… you know you have the power!

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  • Peter Thomas

    I’m so happy you mentioned the scratch and sniff cards. When I read about the strategy guide, that was the first thing I thought of! I remember the Ness card smelling like a garbage can! :D

    • Eric Hoff

      I don’t know of this. I love scratch and sniff.

      • Peter Thomas

        This is hands down one of the most creative games I have ever played. They made the strategy guide equally creative. There were six cards if I remember correctly. Most of them smelled pretty bad, but I think one or two smelled okay. It was an awesome addition to the guide.

  • genoboost

    Very glad a new generation of gamers has easy access to one of the best RPGs and most innovative games ever made!

  • Broadcaster Jeff

    I just wish this game was available for the 3DS! I’ve yet to pick up a Wii U and don’t know if I ever will.