Diablo 3 Console Gameplay, Info

At Pax East today, Blizzard presented the first gameplay video for Diablo 3′s console release. The short PlayStation 3 trailer shows off an adapted UI in environments and action familiar to PC and Mac users, but with some key differences.

The interface is now pushed to the lower-left corner, with the classic life globe, but the characters’ specific energy indicator is now converted to a bar. The six equippable skills are under it, each mapped to some shoulder buttons and square, triangle, and circle. The camera will now follow the character from behind, more TPS-style, although this doesn’t rule out camera control with an analog stick. The inventory looks much more simplified, divided by equipment category, and displaying only comparable items at a time.

Additional information confirmed by a Blizzard representative says that the console version of Diablo 3 will be DRM-free and have offline play available. This will make the console experience separated from the PC, meaning that there won’t be account connectivity. The Auction House will not be available for console players. There will be less uncommon items dropping to prevent screen clutter, and the game can be played on the same screen in two-player mode, Diablo 1 style.

These features look quite promising for console gamers, and it seems Blizzard is taking great strides to adapt the hack n’ slash for the living room and gamepads. Check out the trailer below.

[Source: Destructoid]

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