With a fair number of the original cast members back and on the air once again, “Dallas” lives again. Why, you ask? Well that is thanks to TNT preforming CPR on this once-believed-dead television drama from the 80′s. With as popular as the series was before when I was a little girl, I’m sure this is a desperate attempt to compete for the ratings. It’s the only explanation for this to be back on the air. Dallas 2012

First episode I’ve seen already has had sex & drugs pop up on the screen in the first 5 minutes. Where’s the rock and roll? Oh that’s right this is Dallas. The best you might get is a cameo of a rodeo star or a country musician. For those who enjoy dramas, romance, country, Texas…. The list is pretty limited this is proving to be a good option for you.

But as for me, the only thing I’m keen on is the real Dallas, Texas. So, I guess I’m stuck staring at my screen blankly remembering all those wasted times I couldn’t say what was on the TV because I was just a kid. Oh wait, no I’m not. I can change the channel.

And remember parents, your kids are watching what you watch. They might not catch all of it, but doesn’t mean they won’t remember it. Screen your viewing options, whenever possible.

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