Crysis 3 Beta Impressions: GameNTrain Exclusive Video

Our very own ZelinkTheOne has created the following Crysis 3 Beta Impressions video exploring the depths of the recently released Crysis 3 Beta. Take a few minutes and listen to him discuss his impressions below giving you an excellent preview of what you can expect from the beta.

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  • Eric Hoff

    I am all about getting involved in the beta man. I have recently downloaded the game onto my 360 and plan on jumping into the beta Friday night with another friend or two. Maybe I will see you there.

    • Zelink

      I work week nights, so very unlikely, but if we tried to set something on Saturday/Sunday, maybe we can play.

      • Eric Hoff

        I should be around. I’m looking forward to trying it out.

  • Peter Thomas

    Great job man. This is dope.