I will always remember Double Dragon, but not for Billy and Jimmy Lee.

No, I will remember that great game for one of the best characters in the history of video games… Abobo.

Yeah… This guy.

Abobo has been one of the main stays of the Double Dragon universe. Sometimes, his appearances are good. Other times,  well…


But in one of my random nights of jumping around from different websites, like http://www.partybingo.com/,  YouTube and Newgrounds, I came across an old and dear friend in a brand, new adventure.

Today, I’m Cracking the Case on Abobo’s Big Adventure by Team Bobo.


This game has Abobo in all his glory

You play as Abobo as he goes on a rampage after his son Aboboy is kidnapped.

No, I’m not making this up.

This is the whole point of the game, starting off with the traditional Double Dragon kidnapping scene, except with a miniature pint-sized Aboboy (Abobo’s son) replacing Billy Lee’s girlfriend.

Then Abobo shows up and all hell breaks loose for all of the characters in the Nintendo universe.

There will be blood!

This game lets us re-live our gaming past

Throughout this game, you play through the ultimate NES tribute, travelling through levels inspired by Double Dragon, Super Mario Bros, Legend of Zelda, Urban Champion, Balloon Fight, Contra, Mega Man, All-Star Wrestling and Punch-Out. Each level containing multiple references and jokes to some of the greatest games of all time.

Shark with laser beams attached? Hmm….

In each of these worlds, Abobo struts his stuff and out-heroes the game’s heroes. The bosses of every level even step things up,  putting you through time-honored strategies to beat them.

Megabobo vs. Mechabobo = Awesome!

You even get to use the infamous Konami code as part of the gameplay in the Contra level. For all gamers, this legendary code should hold a place near and dear in all of our hearts.

This says it all, doesn’t it?


This game has a neat achievement system

Through the Newgrounds website, the developers of this game have even put together a neat achievement system for you new gamers who have to find eveything a game has to offer.

There’s awards to be given for anything that can be accomplished in this game, from easy tricks like watching the full intro for the game to insanely difficult stunts like surviving the Balloon Fight level without getting hit!

Good luck, you will see this screen a lot!

Some of the things you can’t achieve with just one playthrough, meaning the achievement system gives you more reasons to try this game over and over again.


Abobo Smash!

Honestly, what can I say is wrong about this game? Aside from the fact that it can never be sold through retail due to the massive amount of copyrights it would break, this game doesn’t have too much wrong with it.

There are some issues with an Internet Explorer, but the game’s developers address that in the page leading into the game on Newgrounds and on the Abobo’s Big Adventure website.

The gameplay is fun, the characters are hilarious, the story behind the game is actually kind of clever and the game is chalk-full of nostalgic references.  You will be playing this game for hours and the beauty of it is, the game’s developers don’t even charge you for it.

Because of the copyright rules, the developers can’t sell the game themselves. That doesn’t stop them from asking for a donation for their time and effort though. And yes, I did give the developers a donation for their effort. With gameplay like this, they deserve it.

Besides, if I didn’t donate, I’d face the wrath of Abobo. You don’t want to make this guy angry.

He’s staring into your soul, you know…



What part of ABOBO SMASH! don’t you understand?

Go play this game. Join the nearly three million people who have already tried this game. If you’ve already played it, play it again!

If this sort of random fun doesn’t do it for you, then this video might.

Really, it’s Abobo… what else can you ask for?

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