Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo – Thoughts on Day One

If you are in Calgary right now and a fan of comic books, science fiction, anime, fringe culture, even wrestling, the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo is the place to  be.

This event is amazing and GameNTrain has been fortunate enough to travel to Calgary and provide coverage of everything Expo for the past two years. Last year was thrilling and exciting, so this year had mighty big shoes to fill and so far, it looks like it will be able to pull it off.

From cosplayers to gaming merchandise to celebrity guests, there is a lot to check out at this event. Here’s just a small list of some of the things that caught my eye.

4. Smashing Pots

pots to smash

Yes. this is actually a thing! Take a running gag from many classic video games like the Legend of Zelda and turn it into a merchandising opportunity.

Pay for one of the pots, smash it, then take the rupee inside and exchange it for one of the items on the table. Different colored rupees meant different valued prizes or items, from character art by a local artist to  patches for your clothes. The gamer in me loves it.

Pot of Smashing

Thanks to the guys at Pixelpatch for this awesome gaming display! To find out more about them, check out

3. Lego Nintendo Sprites 

For another display of gaming awesomeness, check this out.

Lego Game Characters 2

I cannot remember the name of the company that produced these, but there were a number of different Lego sprites based on Nintendo, Super Nintendo and other classic gaming sprites. Anything from Pac-Man to Mario to Zelda!

Lego Game Characters

The only downside here? Each of these Lego sprites cost about 20 dollars. I like Nostalgic gaming combined with Lego, but 20 dollars is a bit steep.

2. Bob Bergen

Bob Bergen is an incredible voice actor and recognized as the voice of many of your favorite characters from Saturday morning cartoons. He is the voice behind characters like Porky Pig and Speedy Gonzalez, just to name a few.

Aside from signing autographs for the masses, Bob also got a chance to speak with GameOn Contributor Kyle Born. That interview will be available here on GameNTrain next week!

Interviewing Bob Bergen

Bob Bergen will be a part of a number of panels in Saturday`s programming at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo, so it should be pretty awesome to check out what he has to say.

1. Jessica Rabbit

Not much to say about this one… Just take a look at the picture and see what I mean.

Jessica Rabbit

Wow. Thank you Canada Cosplay!

More to come as Day Two at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo begins today!

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