Ubisoft not long ago released a trailer for the upcoming three part DLC during the 10th annual Video Game Awards. Though no gameplay was seen during the trailer, players can expect a change of reality with this new DLC. Connor and George Washington will share different storylines. Players should consider this major DLC as a What if? kind of content. This content will not alter what is already canon in the Assassin’s Creed universe. One thing to mention of this altered reality is that Ratonhnhaké:ton never used the name Connor and never became an Assassin. For a brief moment the trailer showed Connor’s outfit, which can be related to those seen in concept art. His outfit is made from different animal pelts. Check the image and trailer below to see the Assassin wearing a new outfit alongside a wolf.


Meanwhile on PlayStation Network, the latest content update has gone live and a new language pack DLC is available for those wanting to hear how Connor and the other characters sound while speaking portuguese, specifically Brazilian Portuguese. Be sure to check the add-on section for the language pack.



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