Ever since developer Beenox took the mantle in making recent Spider-Man games, they have shown what it takes to make Spidey feel like the superhero he is. Beenox give their take on the Spider-Man movie coming soon to theaters with a heavy focus on revamping features that didn’t work in previous Spider-Man games. It is a dreaded time when developers decide in making a movie based game, since most of them tend to get low sales, but things are about to change. Beenox previously worked in Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions and Spider-Man: Edge of Time which by far are some of Spidey’s best games released in this current generation of consoles. What differentiates this game from previous Spider-Man movie games?

The game takes place after the movie, so expect some spoilers to be revealed. Peter Parker meets his love interest Gwen Stacy in Oscorp, where they meet Alistair Smythe (nano-technology executive) who explains their current plans regarding Dr. Curt Conner’s previous projects. Then all goes downhill and Peter must suit up to be the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man everyone knows. Once the first mission ends, players are able to free roam around the city.

Web swinging returns, but this time the game camera has more proximity to Spidey making players feel like the hero. After gaining to altitude, Spidey dives down close to hitting the concrete (including that feeling of vertigo) and shooting his web once to gain even more altitude has never felt that satisfying. Beenox has nailed web swinging in previous Spider-Man titles and in this game they have improved every aspect of it. Spidey can wall perch, wall run, stand on flag poles, traffic poles, etc. Now, what makes Spidey even cooler is the new system introduced for this game: Web Rush. Web Rush gives players control on where Spider-Man will land by quickly pressing what looked to be the previous Web Zip button while showing the hero’s future position being highlighted. Web Rush can be activated by holding the button that activates that mode or quickly tapping it while aiming with the joystick the future position.

Combat has been improved to the point where Spidey can tackle multiple enemies while performing stylish and excellent animated combos. Spider-Man does maintain his personality as a character by the way he moves, wall crawls, swings, fights and let’s not forget about his well-known banters! After a couple hits, some enemies show signs of dizziness on top of their head meaning Spidey can perform signature moves to finish his opponents. Players can also upgrade Spider-Man to make higher damage to enemies, trigger signature moves faster, augment web strike damage, etc. Players can choose how they want to tackle enemies when playing both indoor and outdoor levels. Spider-Man can wall crawl and silently take down his enemies or go for the direct attack and beat everyone with his combos.

The way players can approach enemies is up to them, but some enemies pack big guns and can easily damage Spidey. The silent takedown mechanic is a nice addition to the game, but sometimes Spider-Man can be easily spotted by enemies when descending to web the other one. Another downside to the combo system is that you don’t get to use all the powerful abilities that the Spider-Man from the Amazing universe had in Shattered Dimensions. Players can rack up experience points to upgrade Spider-Man’s abilities. Main story missions are done indoors while side missions are completed outdoors.


A Spider-Man movie game is not complete without its collectibles and side mission’s right? Collectibles this time are not simple Spider-Man symbol coins, but comic book pages. Yes, comic book pages can be collected only outdoors while swinging Manhattan. The comic books are hidden throughout the city, some of them floating, others hidden between narrow corridors between buildings. Players can unlock comic books, such as Spider-Man’s origin and his first battles with enemies featured in the game. After unlocking all comics, the game begins highlighting the remaining comic pages to help players obtain the trophy.

The game also features unlockable costumes such as the sweet Scarlet Spider (2012) which series debuted this year and many others. Side missions may consist on rescuing sick civilians, fighting baddies to save some civilians and even stop getaway cars!

This Spider-Man improves in every aspect possible with the help of Beenox: improving systems such as navigation, combat and all other features by maintaining a solid experience for Spider-Man fans. If you’re a Spidey fan, you should experience this game. I sincerely applaud to Beenox for a wonderful job on this game.

The Amazing Spider-Man released June 26, 2012 for Xbox 360, PS3, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, Wii, Android and iOS.

Score: 4/5

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