8 Great games to look forward to at the start of 2013

With 2012 now long forgotten, we find ourselves wondering what may come of 2013 and what it holds in-store for each and every one of us. In terms of gaming at least, we have some insight into what we can expect 2013 to bring to us. The ever crowded and popular fall season is now well behind us and plenty of time until it arrives again, it is time to see what games will step up to the plate and make the most of the first quarter of 2013.

Dead Space 3 (PS3, Xbox 360 & PC): Isaac Clarke, once again, returns to face his nightmares that will forever haunt him. After his life changing and horrific experiences on-board the Ishimura in Dead Space and his narrow escape from his demons on the Sprawl in Dead Space 2, Isaac finds himself on a frozen planet called Tau Volantis. Isaac has a partner with him this time, John Carver and both of these men experience dementia and suffers from horrific episodes (which we are well aware of for Isaac at least). The addition of Carver offers players the chance to play with a co-op partner if they so choose to. The team behind Dead Space, Visceral, have said that you will see parts of the story otherwise hidden when you play in co-op although you can still play the game solely on your own. Xbox 360 players will now be able to use Kinect implemented in the game if they so desire. With new deformed enemies, loads of brilliant customisation options and a new world to explore, Dead Space 3 will yet again be the pinnacle of survival horror games in the modern generation.
Released(UK) 8th February


Devil May Cry (PS3, Xbox 360 & PC): When the game was first unveiled, many fans of the series were bemused that the look of main character Dante had changed so dramatically from the previous 4 games. His signature blonde hair has been cast aside and Dante possesses a more down-to-earth look. With his weapons Ebony, Ivory and Rebellion, this sounds like the classic Devil May Cry game with new features added to the combat. These additions include Devil and Angel modes which affect the way each and every battle is fought. The demo for the game has been released and the public have enjoyed the games gameplay and humour. With Devil May Cry’s impending release, critics have also provided this game with extremely positive reviews which shows all the promising signs of being a major hit.
Released (UK) 15th January.


Aliens – Colonial Marines (PS3, Xbox 360, Wii-U & PC): Aliens: Colonial Marines was scheduled for a Spring 2012 release but after several setbacks, the game will finally see the light of day. The game features everyone’s favourite aliens, the Xenomorphs that featured within the first 3 Aliens films. The game is a first-person shooter with the usual variety of weapons and also an upgrading system where you can use your points you gain from killing enemies and completing objectives. The game will be reminiscent of fans of the previous games and the films as you will have to fight the Xenomorphs who will be in their element as they can attack you from anywhere. You will always need to be kept on your toes. Aliens: Colonial Marines also features great multiplayer options including Aliens vs Marines and various options for co-op gameplay throughout the campaign.
Released(UK) 12th February (Except Wii-U TBC)


Crysis 3 (PS3, Xbox 360 & PC): The jaw-dropping and beautiful graphics of the Crysis series are back and New York City is different this time. Prophet (the main character) returns to New York only to find that the evil Cell Corporation has encased the city in a nanodome which has resulted in huge overgrowth from trees and plant life. Crysis 3 is set 24 years after the events of Crysis 2 and seems that Prophet is on a revenge mission to destroy Cell Corporation and will do anything to have New York City back to what it once was. The game will no doubt feature the multiplayer which made the game such a good experience as it was so competitive. Not too much information has been released on this game however which is strange as it is due to be released in just over 1 months’ time.
Released (UK) 22nd February

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Metro – Last Light (PS3, Xbox 360 & PC): I believe that the original Metro 2033 game was a great success. The range of gameplay was excellent as one minute you were gunning down mutants with what little ammo you had and then the next you were sneaking through enemy’s bases. Last Light has some relation to the next book in the series (Metro 2034) but the story differs, hence the name change. Artyom returns as the protagonist in Last Light and will yet again be doing everything he can in order to survive and help some of the Russian Metro system to see another day. Great features from the first game such as oxygen levels and gas mask visibility will feature again but the aiming system, which was a little flawed in the original, has been fixed which will make taking down those huge Librarians a little easier. There were rumours that the game was meant to have multiplayer but the team behind the game have said they are 100% committed to a single player only game.
Released (UK) 1st March


Tomb Raider (PS3, Xbox 360 & PC): Lara is back and, perhaps, better than ever! The game revolves around Lara’s adaptation of survival and her transition to this from when she was a frightened young woman. Lara and others find themselves isolated on an exotic island and they have to do anything to survive. This is where Lara learns her skills as she has to fend off threats from wildlife and human life as she adapts to surviving on her own and even killing in order to survive. It is rumoured that the games campaign will last from between 12 and 15 hours. The game will feature all aspects of which Tomb Raider is known for including platforming, exploring, shooting and RPG elements. There has been a rumour recently about the game featuring multiplayer which would be a huge step for the franchise as it has never featured online multiplayer (with the exception of co-op) and whether it will catch on or not, only time will tell (if its true).
Released (UK) 5th March


Gears of War – Judgment (Xbox 360): Epic Games’ genre defining third-person shooter makes a return 1 and a half years after Gears of War 3 was released. The latest title looks at key characters from the three GOW games Augustus Cole and Damon Baird’s story on how they dealt with the Locust invasion, previous to the three main games. The latest GOW game has been mainly developed by Epic Games’ sister company People Can Fly who released Bulletstorm in 2011. Trailers and screenshots suggest that the game hasn’t progressed in graphic terms but it will no doubt provide a fresh look at the Gears series and feature some excellent and well thought out multiplayer games too. This game will no doubt have the Xbox community revving their chainsaws in anticipation!
Released (UK) 22nd March


Bioshock Infinite (PS3, Xbox 360 & PC): Bioshock Infinite is the latest game from Irrational Games and features many of the aspects that made the first two Bioshock games such successes. The game has no relation to those previous games however. Designer Ken Levine has stated that the ending to Bioshock Infinite will “Be like no other ending you will have ever experienced,” which is a bold statement and hopefully one that can be delivered. The game will have players soaring through the clouds on a grappling hook as they make use of the skyline which is a rail based system and also include various types of missions including escort missions with Elizabeth. You rescue Elizabeth in the game and as well as aiding you in missions, she can provide supplies if you are otherwise engaged with the enemy, which is a great feature. Multiplayer will not feature in the game as the single player will no doubt take up many hours to complete.
Released (UK) 26th March

It is an extremely exciting time for the gaming industry as we enter a new year. As we know already, Grand Theft Auto 5 is right around the corner and we will need something to plug that gap until then. Whether you are looking for a great single player game, multiplayer or co-operative game, the first quarter of 2013 has everything you need.


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