5 Simple and Not-So-Simple Ideas For Call of Duty: Ghosts

Call of Duty Black Ops 2 was released several months ago on November 13th, 2012. Millions of people were dying for the release of this game. Advertisements and trailers were on every form of media from newspapers to commercials, to online ads. Now, Call of Duty: Ghosts is on its way to taking over the various forms of media. While the release of the game is still months away, it is never too early to form ideas on how to improve a Call of Duty game.

Black Ops 2 was released and was something new and fresh. It had been fun, but has begun to be exceedingly frustrating as the days pass by. I will just be talking about the multi player aspect, since I have not completed the single player campaign yet. Even though, I have heard that the campaign is quite good. Below are some easy to do changes that Treyarch, the developer of Black Ops 2, could have added to their game.

1. Dedicated Servers

The fans and players of Call of Duty have been asking for this for years. While the PC gamers do get dedicated servers, the console users are left with just garbage connection. During a game, usually at least once, the host is migrated thanks to the host player “rage quitting.” We are also left with lag compensation, which is when the host is lagging, it makes everybody lag just as equally bad if not worse, therefore giving an advantage to the host and whomever is closest to him geographically. An example of lag compensation is when you are running behind a wall, on your screen you are behind the wall, yet you die and it shows on their kill cam screen you never made it to the wall. Your actions during the game may not be what exactly is going on. With dedicated servers, it takes the randomness and unreliability of host servers out of the game. Everybody will have a similar and equal connection. It is something very possible too, as EA has actually incorporated some dedicated servers in a few of their games.

2. Online Forums built into the game

Some people go to online forums on the computer to find the best gun to use, meet up with equally skilled players, or looking for other information about the game. It would be an awesome feature to allow people to post topics on forums built into the game, so you would never have to set your console down while you rush to your computer. It would be an easy way for fellow gamers to meet others that share a similarity. For instance, if you are looking for those tryhards to get a win streak going, you can simply make a post that can be seen by other players that want to wreck some noobs as well.

3. Multi-Platform online gaming

Now this will never happen but it is completely possible to do and would be awesome. It would allow PS3 users to play with XBox360 users. It is always frustrating when your friend has the other console than you so you can never bond in online gaming. This will not be possible thanks to Microsoft and Sony’s competitive nature and relationship. They do not work together, they simply try to outdo the other.

4. Co-op Campaign (Online Co-op Campaign as well)

The single campaign can be fun, but what if you want a friend with you? It simply cannot be played with anybody else but yourself. Other games such as Battlefield 3, Gears of War 3, and Halo 4 allow for co-op campaign and the last two allow for online co-op campaign. It was a feature that most people were really looking forward too, yet the release of it was a letdown since there was no integration of co-op. Oh well, maybe next year?

5. Build a Player

Now, bare with me on this one, this has never been done on a call of duty. Yes, you can customize a player to make him look like you want him. But this feature would be absolutely amazing and would add a whole new dimension into the game. So much so, I am scared about releasing this idea since it could most likely get stolen and adopted into a game. I expect a portion of the profit, and you’re welcome ahead of time. Anyways, let me explain what I mean about build a player. In sport video games such as NHL13, NBA2k13, and Madden13 (I am sure the FIFA games have the same feature but I do not own them, so I do not know for sure) allow you to create a player and use just them. For the NBA game, you get drafted by a team, you get put in post game press conferences, meetings with the owner, and in games, you only play with that player. Your abilities start off lacking, but as you progress your player and your game play, he becomes a better player. What if this was incorporated into Call of Duty? You build yourself on this video game, give him your facial features, your name (or nickname) and then send him on his way to the battlefield. There will be different abilities that you can progress and make better. An example would be reload time. You may start out as the slowest re-loader of all time, but as you gain  XP (experience points), you can make him faster in that category. Obviously, you do not want to hand out xp left and right, since you want playability for a long time in this game. But you can be on the way to creating your OWN PERSONAL super soldier! How awesome is that? Only you would have this guy and this guy is you. You have the ability to make this way better and mold him into the type of soldier you want. Thank me later Activision. You will make millions off of this idea.

These five ideas can be made, but most likely will not be put into the game. It is just one gamers wishful thinking. Now, who has the money to help me develop the next awesome first person shooter game?

the author

Ryan Elliott is a 22 year old student working on a Journalism & Mass Communication Degree at Iowa State University. I play so many video games that my thumbs have six packs. I usually get my game on to Call of Duty, sport games, League of Legends, or any other game that floats my boat. Feel free to get to know me even better on Youtube.com/tangytoddler and @tangytoddler