3 Nintendo Wii U Games To Look Forward To This Year

After a week of worthwhile announcements for both games and consoles alike, we finally get to sit back and let it all soak in. Suffice it to say, this E3 has more than made up for last year’s lackluster event. With each of the big companies showing what they have to offer, Nintendo was mysteriously absent from the event. This is due to Nintendo deciding to take a different approach by presenting all of their games and announcements through a Nintendo Direct, a choice which has led to a large amount of contention among Nintendo’s fan-base.

You see, Nintendo’s direct focused heavily on games that will come later down the road. This is because of the strong line up of first party games releasing this year that many fans forgot about in their over expectations of the Direct. In the next few months of 2013, there will be a good number of games releasing. For a line up all coming from one company, this is rather impressive. As such, I have proceeded to list some of these upcoming titles.


1. Game & Wario


Game & Wario is an upcoming game for the Wii U that will offer sixteen puzzle games for the player and friends to choose from. The game will feature twelve singleplayer games and four multiplayer games to allow for a diverse list of options to choose from.

Not everyone may like the idea of another mini-game collection, but when in the presence of a group of your friends, Game & Wario might be the perfect party game for you. Game & Wario will release in North America on June 23, and in Europe on June 28

2.Pikmin 3


The next installment in the rather popular Pikmin series, Pikmin 3 combines real time strategy elements with puzzles to create a fun experience for the player. In the game, the player take on the role of the three space travelers: Alph, Brittany, and Charlie; in order to collect over-sized food that will save their starving planet. In order to transport this huge food, the trio enlist the assistance of the planet’s native inhabitants: pikmin. the pikmin work as a team in order to carry the food to the ship.

Pikmin 3 will release in Japan on June 13, in Europe on June 26, and in North America on August 4.

3. New Super Luigi U


Although New Super Luigi U is simply a DLC, its a DLC done right. The game will serve as a expansion to New Super Mario Bros U, replacing every level with a new one and allowing the player to play as Luigi who comes equipped with his own unique abilities. The DLC is so expansive in fact that it warrants itself as a whole new game and will have a retail version in stores for those who never purchased Mario Bros.

New Super Luigi U will release in Japan on June 13, in Europe on June 26, and in North America on August 25.

Bonus: Art Academy


Art Academy is an art software coming to the Wii U and will be released possibly at the end of the year. However, in response to the high level of quality art created through Miiverse’s low-end tools, Nintendo will be releasing a early version with access to pastels, pencils, and coloured pencils to further that creativity.

The Miiverse version will release sometime this summer. Information of release and possible price will be released down the road.


And that isn’t all, although Nintendo’s 3rd party game list is rather small, the few that are there will ensure that the Wii U will have a new game at least every month.

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